Our Manufacturing Process

Blue Cat revolutionizes boat construction by utilizing Core Infusion Technology, an advanced and environmentally friendly vacuum infusion method. This process is executed within a controlled environment, dramatically reducing toxic emissions and fostering a healthier workspace compared to traditional construction methods.


In this innovative approach, either carbon fibers or fiberglass materials are reinforced with epoxy resin, a compound known for its superior strength, to produce a building material with an impressive strength-to-weight ratio.


At the heart of Blue Cat's operations, we meticulously strengthen carbon fibers with epoxy resin, boasting three times the strength of its counterpart, vinyl ester resin. This reinforced material is then placed within the mold of a hull or superstructure and subjected to a vacuum infusion process. This technique guarantees uniform distribution of the resin, eliminating any potential weak spots.


Moreover, this method ensures superior rigidity and strength while using less material than conventional fiberglass hand-laminated or aluminum construction methods. The end result is a significantly lighter vessel. This reduction in weight boosts speed, curtails fuel consumption, and accommodates smaller engines, contributing to a more efficient, high-performance vessel overall.

The Vacuum Infusion Process

Vacuum infusion is a process where resin is drawn into a composite material using a vacuum to ensure complete impregnation.