About Blue Gulf Cat

Our History

Founded in Abu Dhabi, UAE in 2017, Blue Gulf Cat Boat Builders is a modern boat manufacturer known for crafting reliable offshore marine vessels using advanced design software and sustainable materials. Our journey began with a 37ft center console catamaran, marking our entry into the production of distinctive offshore fishing boats.

Fueled by success, we next created a 30ft high-speed fishing catamaran, demonstrating the effectiveness of catamaran hulls within the industry. We reached a peak speed of 99 mph with our 30ft model, solidifying our capacity to produce top-standard marine vessels using our in-house resources.

Our success is built on balancing environmental considerations and cost-effectiveness, delivering high-quality services at competitive prices, and maintaining a proficient operational team that deeply understands our customers' needs.

Within a short time, we've made substantial progress, delivering various catamaran models to ABS standards and considering the production of military patrol vessels. We pride ourselves on crafting tailored designs without compromising on quality or safety.


Blue Gulf Cat was born from a desire to bring innovative marine designs to life, thereby spearheading a new era in the UAE's maritime world. Our central strategy revolves around the creation and design of marine crafts that stand out for their exceptional standards, sustainability, functionality, and reliability.